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Eagle Savers Kid'z Klub

Wooden Nickel Redemption Program

Thank you for participating in the Wooden Nickel program. American Eagle Bank is the only bank in the Fox Valley that rewards its young savers with the ability to win prizes. The success of this program is largely dependent on the parents to engender the value of savings in their EagleSavers; as well as to follow the spirit of this program as a way to encourage good savings habits.

For every deposit you make with American Eagle Bank earn Eagle Savers wooden nickels.
Save up your wooden nickels for fabulous prizes in our prize cabinet.

Wooden Nickel awards are given on the following schedule:

Deposit amount Nickels
$1.00 to $10.99 1 wooden nickel
$11.00 to $20.99 2 wooden nickels
$21.00 to $30.99 3 wooden nickels
$31.00 to $40.99 4 wooden nickels
$41.00 and up 5 wooden nickels

Just For Fun

Click HERE for the Rules & Responsibilities of the Wooden Nickel Redemption Program

American Eagle Bank