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Remote Deposit Capture

Advantage Remote Deposit
Give your business the advantage.

American Eagle Bank offers remote deposit capture for its business banking clients
Advantage Remote Deposit is a process that allows any size business, nonprofit or municipality to deposit checks into a bank account without having to deliver actual checks to the bank.

Our Advantage Remote Deposit tool allows you to deposit checks day or night, from your office or your home. Just scan the checks and then securely transmit the check images for deposit. The transaction and validation is fully automated. All you need is a Windows PC, internet connection and a scanner and you are ready to get the advantage.

This Web-based solution allows you to:

  • Centralize payment processing from remote offices
  • Accelerate funds availability
  • Increase security
  • Reduce trips to the bank
  • Streamline operations and bookkeeping

To learn how Advantage Remote Deposit can help your business improve its efficiency or to sign up, please contact the bank today at 847-742-7400.

American Eagle Bank